Integrity Environmental LLC proudly supports science in schools. We partner with local Alaskan science fairs to bring STEM opportunities to children interested in broadening their understanding of academic hands-on applications.

We realize the critical role that science and technology play in our classrooms, and strive to be a part of encouraging students to reach for their dreams.

We volunteer monthly to lead a Science Club after-school activity that engages 60 students per year at local elementary schools. We also strongly support the Science Fair, providing judges, administrative support, and funding for ribbons and awards at local elementary schools.


In 2016 Shannon Oelkers received the “Friends of Educators” award from the Anchorage School District in recognition of her dedication to promoting scientific literacy in children grades K-6.

In 2018 she received the Spirit of Tomorrow Anchorage School District Business Partnerships award for exemplary support of an Anchorage school by a business through the School-Business Partnership Program.

Science in Our Schools
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