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Services We Provide 

  • Aboveground Storage Tank Integrity Inspections 

    • API 653 Internal & External Inspection 

    • STI SP001 Inspection

      • IBC Shipping Tote Retest and Inspections as required by 49 CFR 180.352  

    • AWWA Steel Water Storage Tank Inspections 

  • Pipeline Integrity Inspection  

    • API 570 Aboveground and Below Grade Piping  

  • Corrosion Inspections and Consulting 

    • Non-Destructive Testing Inspections

      • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing 

    • Annual Pressure Testing of Lines & Hoses in accordance with USCG 33 CFR 156.170  

    • Cathodic Protection Systems Inspections for bulk fuel tanks and pipeline systems performed by NACE Institute CP certified professionals.

    • Licensed Underground Storage Tank Worker: Cathodic Protection Testing

Industries We Serve 

  • Bulk Fuel Storage & Delivery 

  • Oil and Gas Production 

  • Power Generation Plants 

  • Fish Processing Plants 

  • Water & Sewage Systems 

  • Engineering Project Support 

We complete our inspection reports faster than our competitors, while maintaining the quality that our company is known for.

Integrity Environmental is pleased to offer Inspection Services. We will help you maintain safe and efficient operation of your equipment and facilities by finding issues before they result in severe damage or failure.  


Integrity is unique in that our lead inspector is on-site for each inspection, ensuring a complete, thorough, and flexible inspection. Our experienced and qualified staff can respond to site specific issues while in the field. This reduces the costs associated with follow up site visits and increases the quality of the inspection overall.   

Integrity uses advanced equipment and has established procedures that are personalized to your specific inspection needs and handled by highly-trained inspectors certified in accordance with the American Petroleum Institute (API), Steel Tank Institute (STI), and National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) that include the following industry-specific national certifications: API 653 Aboveground Storage Tanks and API 570 Piping systems, STI-SP001 Aboveground Storage Tank systems, NACE Cathodic Protection CP1 testing as well as the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) SNT-TC-1A non-destructive testing.

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