Make Environmental Decisions with Confidence

Quality environmental support is vital for keeping things moving smoothly in today’s fuel industry. As Alaska’s oil, gas, and bulk fuel environmental specialists, we routinely manage the full spectrum of permits, contingency planning, annual reporting, and auditing needs for our bulk fuels clients. We are the experts that you can call when you don't know the answers. 

Permitting & Planning
Clear, Concise, Comprehensive Reporting that Results in a Lower Risk of Regulatory Action

If you run an oil, gas, or bulk fuel facility in Alaska, you need plans and permits. ADEC, Coast Guard, and EPA compliance is vital, but the myriad of names and acronyms associated with these documents can be baffling for even the most on-point operator. Integrity's expertise makes sure you don't miss a thing.

Inspection Services
Quality Reports that Meet Engineering Standards and Regulatory Requirements

Integrity can help you maintain safe and efficient operation of your equipment and facilities. Our thorough inspection programs performed by our certified inspectors can detect defects before severe damage or failure occurs.   We complete inspection reports faster than our competitors, while maintaining the high quality our company is known for. 



Alaska's Bulk Fuel Storage Experts

Integrity Environmental LLC is an innovative and experienced environmental consulting group dedicated to supporting companies managing bulk fuel storage operations in Alaska. 


While other consulting companies use the term ‘specialized’ to describe a vast array of services, Integrity truly is specialized for operators of fuel storage facilities in Alaska. Our knowledge and network is industry specific and local. We know the unique regulatory climate of the State of Alaska like a large, generalized group cannot. This allows us to provide our clients with quality project guidance for the best outcomes.


Integrity staff are experts in Alaskan logistics, with over a decade of experience getting people and equipment to and from project sites on time, on budget, and in the most remote locations in the state. Whether projects are small and straightforward or large and complex, Integrity is well positioned to operate throughout Alaska.



Year Established


Integrity represents 75% of the On-Shore Fixed Facility ODPCPs in Alaska


Average Days to Complete 
Inspection Reports


Tank Farms Served



Integrity saved a client over $725,000 by upgrading a remote bulk fuel facility with a targeted repair and improvement plan that was guided by expert level knowledge of bulk fuel operations, engineering standards, and State and Federal regulatory requirements.


A company plagued by late and inadequate tank inspections contracted Integrity to perform a historical audit, prepare a tank inspection database, and to perform API 653, API 570, and STI SP001 inspections on hundreds of tanks. Three years later the company's inspection program is lauded by State and Federal regulators for consistency and quality.





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